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Christopher “Topher” Graham is one of the founding members of Bad Cookie Pictures. Since being horrifically sliced out of his mother’s womb in Edmonton, Alberta, he has since made a name for himself in the Vancouver horror scene. Fascinated by the unique and macabre, Topher is always looking to create what’s never been done before. For Bad Cookie he often serves as Production Designer, Writer, Producer, or Director, and is personally involved in each project. He started directing alongside Ariel Hansen for Paint the Town Red, and has since directed the VR piece Tune in For Murder, The Devil and I, as well as several of the Badass Film Festival promos. You can see his Production design work in Time Heals No Wounds which took home the award for Most Badass Art Direction/SPFX at the 2018 Vancouver Badass Film Festival as well as in Ready To Burst, The Man in the Rabbit Mask, Nepenthes, and Relaxing Rituals ASMR.